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I'm Alicia Garver, and I'm a Mormon. I'm currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission. I love what I'm doing, and I'm excited to be sharing His message and His love with the people in Georgia.

Come for a ride with me as I share my bicycle and walking shoes!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11/3/14 - Baptism!

Ryan was baptized this Saturday! His older brother, the only other member in his family, preformed the baptism, and the Spirit was so strong it could knock a horse over. Which was supremely awesome seeing as we brought Rosemary, a new investigator. Ah, I love Rosemary! I have officially adopted her as an honorary grandma :) But she loved the baptism and came to church yesterday as well! Our mission president came Sunday as well, which put a little pressure on us, but seeing as we had a confirmation, 6 investigators, and an awesome lesson in Gospel Principles this week, everything went smoothly.

Araceli and her family are just my favorite family! They all love us so much and now are waiting and asking for us when we have appointments. They come to activities and church regularly and are making so many friends. Araceli even asked us to teach her friend! (Which we can't, but we can send the Spanish Elders their way.) The three girls have a baptismal date on the 15th, and Araceli is working on stopping smoking. Her son won't meet with us, because he gets too much "girliness" just from his own family, but we set him up with the elders, and now he's coming to church too!

We had the strangest experience this week. We were tracting this one house, and started like we always do, "Hi! We're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter," "Would you like to come in?" "Uh, yeah." We went in, taught the entire first lesson, committed him to reading, praying, keeping the word of wisdom, and going on for questions, then made an appointment for two days later. Two days later, we teach the second lesson, eternal marriage, and temples, and commit him to baptism. Wait, what?
I definitely know the Lord leads us to those ready for His message. We hardly do anything except go where He sends us, and listen to, teach, and LOVE His children. It's been an amazing week.

Love you!
Sister Garver

P.S.  It's gotten pretty cold. Not freezing, but still not my happy weather. I have started to wear layers, and I wear my leggings and boots everyday. What I suffer most from is lack of gloves, but we're going to go buy some today, so that should cease to be an issue. As for my bigger coats, yes I pulled them out, but found the black one was covered in fluff that I couldn't get off, so I took it to a dry cleaners today (which was an adventure, because I've never been to one before!).

Halloween was a bit of a let down. We had a huge bag of candy and not a single trick-or-treater knocked on our door :( plus, we didn't get to go to bed early because weekly planning took longer than we thought it would. But the extra hour of sleep on Sunday was nice! That's so cool about your Halloween though! Did you take any pictures of your pumpkins? I'd love to see them!

YES, I got your recipes and they are so awesome! Thank you a billion times! Today we are making taco soup! It made my entire week, and maybe more than that because every time I look at them, I can't help but smile! We have the basic pans, a cookie sheet, a crockpot, and we bought a muffin pan a few weeks ago. I wish we had a skillet. Have you ever tried making brownies in a muffin pan? It's brilliant! A good chunk, easy to eat, and portioned.

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