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I'm Alicia Garver, and I'm a Mormon. I'm currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission. I love what I'm doing, and I'm excited to be sharing His message and His love with the people in Georgia.

Come for a ride with me as I share my bicycle and walking shoes!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Transfers are coming up this Wednesday! I think Sister Stout and I will be fine, at least for one more transfer, but Elder Harward has to leave :( He is so strong and is a natural leader, so we'll be sad to see him go. But without him, the threesome of elders will become a twosome and be a bit more manageable. We'll as manageable as it can be with Elder Bronson, who classifies himself as a "one-third soulless ginger."

We have a baptism this Saturday! It didn't happen last week because his dad had to work, but this Saturday it's finally happening! Sister Stout is thrilled because she's been working with this kid for months and sees herself as his big sister. She constantly refers to him as "the punk." In a loving manner, of course. We also hope to invite Araceli's girls to come. Araceli herself can't come because she has to work then. But I'm not fretting over that too much, because she finally came to church yesterday! She was sick, but she and her girls came anyway! Plus, they came to trunk-or-treating and had a blast!

We have a new investigator this week that I just love to pieces. She's a referral from the elders and she is just amazing. She's an older woman and really struggling because her husband has dementia and early onset Alzheimer's. But she loves the Book of Mormon, immediately accepts our lessons, keeps her commitments and love us to pieces. She calls us her Little Women or sometimes Her Angels :) Every time we pull up, she's waiting for us and comes out ready for a hug. I never knew I could love people so quickly and so completely before coming out here. Seriously.

I started reading Isaiah today. It says so many times in the BoM that we need to "study the words of Isaiah" but I never did. Than today I was reading in 2 Nephi 6 and it says it again! And this time, when I read it, it was a commandment from the Lord to me. So I started. It's actually not nearly as bad as everyone says it is. Of course, I'm only on the first chapter, but I actually found it really interesting and I learned a ton just from that first chapter. I'm taking it slow, but I'm getting a lot out of it. For instance, the reason the children of Israel started to fall was because when wickedness started to enter the church and people started to go astray, nothing was done about it. The "sores and bruises" were not taken care of and in the end, everything from the "soles of the feet to the crown of the head" were sick and diseased. No wonder the church today is so quick and efficient today when coming down on false doctrine and other inconsistencies.

You asked about P-days. P-days we don't do too much. Email, clean (turns out I'm a bit of a clean freak), shop, and sleep. Last P-day we had a mini early Halloween party with all of the Sisters in the area. I've been told going to a nearby train museum is a must, and we could go hike Kennesaw Mountain (hah! Mountain! Its a bitty thing of a hill!) but I'd much rather sleep, or maybe go to the thrift store nearby. They have a ton of cool stuff. Like last P-day, I bought a glass chess and checkers set.

As for pictures, I've been trying to take pictures (without being creepy) of a lot of the houses here in Georgia. They're funny looking. Some look normal, especially the really nice ones, but some just look like a three year old designed the place, with bits and pieces stuck every which way. I've been to some really nice houses and some really poor ones. There's a bit of both here, but I almost prefer the poor ones, because they're closer together, so we can hit more houses while tracting in a shorter amount of time.

Anywho, this week has been awesome in everyway but one. I've been eating the same food/meals for over a month now and it's starting to get a bit old. I have very few recipes memorized and few to no ways to get more. Please email me some new recipes! Anything that can be made in less than a half hour to 45 minutes would be greatly appreciated!

Love you all tons!
Sister Garver

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